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Art.ORTOSPIN - Spinal orthosis

Art.GL45 - Knee support for rehabilitation
INDICATIONS: swimming pool rehabilitation.... Read all

Art.547/SP Junior - Dorsolumbar dynamic corset with shoulder braces
INDICATIONS: Kyphosis, postoperative course..... Read all

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Art.712 - "Gimmy" opener brief
INDICATIONS: Light hip dysplasia in the first months of life..... Read all

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Art.220 - Opener with body restrainer and fixing belts
INDICATIONS: It secures the patient's sitting (for chair and wheelchair)..... Read all

204 SI JPG
204/SI - Cervical collar for support and immobilization
INDICATIONS: Pre-formed collar with tracheotomy opening, suitable for extrication and rehabilitation..... Read all

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Art. 646 - Elastic ankle support with bands and silicone malleolar pads
INDICATIONS: Rehabilitations, chronic ankle instability, distortions, post-plaster use..... Read all

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Art.631 - Airprene knee support with lateral spirals, rotulean stabilizers
INDICATIONS: Rotula instability, light knee trauma, ligament pains..... Read all

Art. 605 LR - Long enforced wrist support
INDICATIONS: Plaster substitutive, light fractures, luxations, distortions..... Read all